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  • Cameraman and home brewer extraordinaire Mr Scotty Lee!

  • Unlike this photo, we NEVER let the boom get in shot…

  • We journey across New Zealand's craft brewing landscape and meet characters like Richard Emerson (pictured).

  • …another sunshiny, squinty day on the job

  • “…and sometimes just the sheer gorgeousness of it all can get to a girl…

  • Yvonne and Tohu Wines Vineyard Manager Mondo Kopua

  • The Thirsty team enjoy comparing different vintages with wine makers like Kate Galloway.

  • Thirsty Work Filming Julian Coakley and his compost at Woollaston.

  • We visit the many vineyards of Morton Estate, including this, the Kuranui Vineyard in Marlborough.

  • Sharing a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a feed of fish and chips.

  • …and we explain how the right glassware makes all the difference…

  • Yvonne and Simon Clark talk terroir in Clark Estate’s Awatere Vineyard

  • We get to grips with hops and malts and everything in between at Renaissance Brewery.

  • Yvonne and Bruce Taylor at Tohu taking some tasting time…”

  • Yvonne meets Pasquale Vineyards manager Renzo Mino on the edge of Pinot country, Waitaki Valley.

  • For us at Thirsty Work everything revolves around good wines, great friends and gorgeous food.

  • Yvonne gets on her bike with ex-pat Aussie Nick Gill at Greystone Vineyards, Waipara.

  • Uruguayan vineyard manager, Renzo Mino and Yvonne share a pinot at Pasquale.

  • Discussing the Barnstormer Syrah with Paul Ham from Alpha Domus.

  • Its all about the fun of it!.

Yvonne & the Team

Yvonne Lorkin is a well-respected wine writer, broadcaster and judge in New Zealand who has created a fun new style of wine tv show together with Carolyn Sylvester, one of New Zealand’s most experienced lifestyle television directors.
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Watch Series 3 Trailer here

Here it is – our current sizzle reel! A sample of what you can expect in a typical episode of Thirsty Work. We really hope you like the pace, the energy, the people, the tastes and of course the jawdropping scenery – enjoy!
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New Zealand Wine & Craft Beer

New Zealand punches above its weight as far as superlative wine and craft beer production goes. We have a saying “Give ‘em a taste of kiwi!” and that’s exactly what we want to do…
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The Blooper Reel